Adult/ Adolescent Individual Therapy and Couples Therapy: Option 1: Cash/Debit/ Credit Card Consultation fees are charged at R975 for a 51 – 60 min consultation

Clients will be issued with an invoice which they can submit to their medical aid for reimbursement if the wish. Account to be settled on or before each consultation.

On this option the practice does not submit claims to Medical Aids, it is the responsibility of the member to do so.

Adult/ Adolescent Individual Therapy and Couples Therapy: Option 2: Medical Aid Patients The practice can claim from the patients’s Medical Aid for a 51 – 60 min consultation.This option is subject to the availability of funds in the client’s savings account and or medical aid benefit schedule for psychological services. Medical aids determine their own rates.

If medical aid funds are not sufficient payment option 1 will be followed.

These rates are within what most medical aids cover for psychological services. Please note that the responsibility rests on the client to contact their medical aid to enquire about the benefits their medical aid plan provides for psychological treatment.